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8am – 5pm

8am – 5pm

8am – 5pm

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Exciting News!

We have the pleasure of carrying local vendors pet products:

Rexaroo’s Homemade (Treats & Paw Balm)

AJ Quilts (Bandana’s, Bow-Ties & Much More)

Saradog Leashes (Paracord leashes that float)

Stop by to check out their products!

Click on their name to check out their Facebook pages!

Our Staff

Samantha Murphy


Samantha is a certified dog groomer with over 3+ years experience.  Her training included hands-on grooming, bathing, trimming and styling of over 200+ dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Before transitions into dog grooming, Samantha spent over a year working at a boarding and doggy daycare centre.

Samantha has always had a strong heart felt passion for working with animals.  Growing up she lived on a Llama farm and took part in a 4H club where she would show llamas at the Royal Winder Fair.  During these years Samantha taught herself the patience of handling difficult or sometimes nervous animals.

Samantha has brought these positive traits with her to the Brealey Drive Pet Spa where she hopes to continue providing services to  Peterborough and surrounding areas.


Customer Care

Rachel is our receptionist and handles our customer service at the Spa.  She is also in the process of learning the techniques of grooming to become grooming assistant.

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